Peter Andrews


Consultations and operations

‘Before I saw Mr Andrews, I had suffered for several years with comments about my nose and I was uncomfortable with the shape of it.  Considering aesthetic surgery was an enormous step for me, but Mr Andrews put me at my ease the minute I met him.  He was very straight forward about what was involved in the procedure and how my recovery would proceed.  I was very confident about what was going to happen on the day of surgery and my recovery was exactly as predicted.  Since having my surgery, my life has completely changed.  I was able to return to my studies with confidence and, although people who knew I had had surgery commented positively, others didn’t even notice the change because it was so in keeping with my natural features.  I love to perform and have been able to take advantage of far more opportunities to showcase my singing since I now have the confidence to get on stage.  I never worried at any stage throughout the initial consultation and procedure because Mr Andrews is such a charming, confidence inspiring and professional practitioner.  It has completely changed my life and I cannot recommend Peter highly enough.’

‘My experience with Peter was A1. I’d always had a problem with how my nose looked. After much consideration I finally had the courage to have an alteration made. Peter was very reassuring with me but also very realistic about what to expect. Having facial surgery is definitely an intense process both physically and psychologically but Peter made it as frictionless as possible. The results he achieved, on what I understand was quite a complex problem to fix, are great and I have no regrets whatsoever. My confidence has increased a lot as a result. I can heartedly recommend his services. It’s also worth noting that he comes from a background of working within the NHS with victims of facial trauma so there’s a deeper motivation in his work at play, i.e. he’s not merely a capitalistic surgeon purely in this for money. There’s a genuine passion in him for what he does and that comes through. I trusted his opinions on what i should have done. I recommend you do too and that you’re not too prescriptive.‘

“The results he achieved, on what i understand was quite a complex problem to fix, are great and I have no regrets whatsoever.”

Consultations and Rhinologist

I don’t normally write testimonials/reviews but I absolutely want to for my surgeon Mr Peter Andrews. I have absolute admiration, praise and sincere thanks to this amazing surgeon for his talent and expertise, his bedside manner, patience and not least his ongoing support for everything he has done for me.

I have been on quite a journey as far as medical procedures are concerned from both an ENT perspective and from an eye perspective and this has been for many years now.

I initially saw Mr Andrews on the NHS many years ago and out of all of the surgeons I could have seen and the unexpected medical history that was unbeknown to me at the time, I am so happy he was my allocated consultant for all the attributes he possesses and more I could not recommend Mr Peter Andrews more if I tried and if you are considering any procedure that he specialises in I can assure you that from personal experience everything from the initial consultation, the procedure itself and the aftercare you receive really is priceless and when it comes to your health, reassurance and support, is there anything more important.

If you are considering a particular procedure but are reluctant due to the unknown, risks, result etc then I can assure you, Mr Peter Andrews comes highly recommended on all accounts. I know that had I have not been fortunate enough to have been referred to Mr Andrews as my consultant, that I would hope I would have been lucky enough that someone else would write a review when looking for guidance and assurance as to which surgeon to opt for and why.

I have had multiple procedures from nose operations (rhinoplasty, septorhinoplasty, turbinectomy to name just a few) to blepharoplasties and brow lifts. All of these procedures have been for medical reasons and one of my biggest operations was a rib graft where part of my own rib was placed into my nose and I had it rebuilt due to a large perforation in the middle of my nose that would have collapsed had I have not. I made the mistake of seeing a different surgeon who at that time in my life I was referred to who specialised in perforations but without going into too much detail, it was extremely detrimental. I was fortunate enough to seek a consultation thereafter with Mr Andrews to discuss my options and who performed the rib graft transplant to my nose. After a seven-hour operation, I can honestly say it was life changing for me the transformation and end result when it could have equally been otherwise. My most recent procedure was a brow lift due to excess skin on both eyes that were impairing my vision. It is not a decision I made lightly to undergo this procedure despite being medical as it is still major surgery nonetheless but once again due to Mr Andrews expertise and support, I did and I am so glad Mr Andrews specialised in this field too as you build up trust and a rapport with someone that is so valuable.

“I can honestly say it was life changing for me the transformation and end result when it could have equally been otherwise.”